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Sara and Molly

Because having a friend helps

The Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program has been at Whitesville Central School for 10 years now and is still going strong. Each week, 13 matches meet once a week after school and participate in self-esteem and team building activities as well as educational classes on occasion, such as clay classes.  “Bigs” are high school students paired with “littles” who can be age six through 8th grade. 

The Big Brother Big Sister program provides homework help; educational and cultural enrichment; recreational and social activities; community service projects; and character-building activities, all of which build the child’s confidence, competence, and their ability to care about others.

In Whitesville, Sara and Molly have been matched for only five months now, but their relationship has grown significantly over that time.  Sara is involved in many extra- curricular activities now that she is in high school, but each week she makes it a point to be there for Molly no matter what other commitments she may be missing.  Molly is always excited to see Sara and greets her with a hug every time they meet.  She loves working together with Sara on the various activities each week and Sara says she has already seen Molly become more outgoing and confident, which is one of the goals of the program.

Allegany County United Way is pleased to provide support to the Big Brother Big Sisters program so they can continue helping the children at Whitesville School. For more information on the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Southern Tier, please call 607-936-3507.

Photo Caption: Big Sister Sara, and Little Sister Molly